How do I get utilities in my name?
Please stop by the City Office at 1111 Avenue E and fill out a form. Bring your driver's license and utilities deposit.

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1. How do I get utilities in my name?
2. What is the deposit for utility account setup?
3. When is the late payment penalty assessed if the 10th of the month falls on a weekend?
4. What do the codes on my utility bill mean?
5. What is the process for deposit refunds?
6. How do I enroll for budget billing?
7. Does the City accept credit cards for payment of utilities?
8. What are the minimum monthly charges for each residential service?
9. When are the summer utility rates in effect?
10. How do I report a utilities emergency?
11. My water is yellow or rusty colored. Who do I contact?
12. Who do I call before digging?