City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer

City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Responsibilities
The City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council to be the chief administrative officer of the city.  The Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer is responsible for the administration of policies, coordination of projects, management of the budget, preparation of agendas, recording of minutes, issuance of licenses and permits, and preservation of records, minutes, payroll, paid invoices, ordinances and resolutions.  The duties of the Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer are set out in City Ordinances and State statutes, but the City Council may add to the responsibilities.

• Manages the affairs of the City; any department, division or service thereof; and any contract or obligation of the City.
• Exercises general supervision and control over all real and personal property of the City.
• Administers, supervises, and is responsible for and coordinates all departments, divisions, and services of the City which are under the control and jurisdiction of the Mayor. 
• Serves as public relations officer of the City.
• Analyzes the functions, activities, duties, and responsibilities of the various departments, divisions and services of the City and of all officers and employees thereof.
• Serves as a liaison between the Mayor/Council and the Boards of the City.
• Attends all meetings of the City Council, including Executive Sessions.
• Provides leadership and direction in the development of short and long-range plans.
• Communicates official plans, policies and procedures to staff and the general public. 
• Assures that assigned areas of responsibility are performed within budget. 
• Determines work procedures and studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations. 
• Assigns duties and examines work for exactness, neatness, and conformity to policies and procedures.
• Performs or assists subordinates in performing duties; adjusts errors and complaints.
• Prepares a variety of studies, reports and related information for decision-making purposes.
• Sees that all laws and ordinances are faithfully performed or complied with.
• Prepares and submits a preliminary annual City budget.
• Advises the City Council of financial conditions and current and future City needs.
• Prepares the City Council agendas, and records and prepares the meeting minutes.
• Prepares or oversees the preparation of the City payroll.
• Reviews and prepares or oversees the payment of invoices.
• Prepares resolutions and ordinances. 
• Permits and Licenses, including, but not limited to:
o Final approval of building permits
o Future agenda items
o Handicap permits
o Liquor selling permits
o Special designated liquor permits
o Petition for a Paving District
o Tobacco selling permits
o Tree permits
o Variance and conditional use applications
o Vendor and transient merchant licenses.

City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Resources
For information concerning the following permits, please contact the City Office at (402) 529-6616 or by e-mail at
• Conditional Use Permit Application
• Examine Records Request
• Future Agenda Item Request
• Handicap Parking Permit
• Liquor License
• Petition for Paving District
• Special Designated Liquor Permit
• Tobacco Selling Permit
• Tree Permit
• Variance Application
• Vendor Application
• Preliminary Plat Application

Code Enforcement Resources
For information concerning the following permits, please contact the City Office at (402) 529-6616 or by e-mail at
• Building Permit:  Required for signs, decks, garages/sheds, fences, concrete, curbs/sidewalks, additions, and new homes.
• New Business License

Police Department Resources
The following resources are overseen by the Police Department.  For additional information, contact the Wisner Police Department at (402) 529-3544 (Non-Emergency)
• Police Department Fees:  Dog pickup, vehicle impoundments, and towing fees.
• Gun Permit – Contact the Police Department to obtain the permit. 
• ATV Registration – Stop in the City Office to fill out the registration.  Must bring vehicle information, Insurance Poilcy Number, & Drivers License.

City Offices Resources
For additional information about the following permits, please contact the City Office at (402) 529-6616 or by e-mail at
• Automatic Withdrawal Authorization for Utility Bill Payments.
• Dog Licenses (Due May 1st) 
• Street Closing Permit
• Sewer Tap
• Water Tap