Moving to Wisner

Moving to Wisner

One of the primary goals of our city’s website is to provide residents, businesses, and those considering a move to Wisner with in-depth information that can be accessed in an efficient manner.  As you browse our website, you will find helpful, user-friendly information. 

Wisner is an attractive and affordable place to live.  It offers safe and easy living within 25 minutes of larger community amenities. 

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Storage Units
Jeff Albers  (402) 529-6565 Personal & Commercial Storage
Travis Bellar  (402) 529-6665 Personal & Commercial Storage
Dave Brown  (402) 529-6192 Personal & Commercial Storage
Randy Woldt  (402) 529-6989 Personal & Commercial Storage
Andrew Schweers (402) 529-6717 

Post Office
The United States Post Office is located in the center of the business district at 1120 Avenue E.  You may call them at (402) 529-6917. 

Please visit our Housing page.

Please visit our Schools/Education page.

Churches/Religious Centers
Please visit our Churches page.

Health Care
To find information on health care, please visit our Health Care page.

Day Care Providers
To find information on day care facilities, please visit our Day Care page.

Call the City Office at (402) 529-6616 to help establish service in your new home or business.

Phone, Internet, TV and Newspaper
To find providers for these entities, please visit our Telecommunications page.