Early History
Like most early western communities, Wisner's real existence dates only from the time of the arrival of the railroad. Settlers were in the vicinity as early as the mid 1850s.

The town site was surveyed and platted in 1871 by J.W.E. Farrell and became incorporated on May 14, 1873. The FE&MV Railroad stockholders purchased the tract of land and named it Wisner after S.P. Wisner, a vice president of the railroad company.

Growth in the community was constant as lots were sold and dwellings and businesses were erected. For 8 years the town was the terminus of the railroad making it a central shipping point for agricultural products and livestock. Hence, the livestock feeding industry developed in close proximity of Wisner.

Wisner Today
Today Wisner has 1,170 residents. Wisner is situated in the northwest part of Cuming County in northeast Nebraska. An estimated 85,317 people (2010 estimate) reside in Cuming County plus the contiguous counties of Burt, Colfax, Dodge, Stanton, Thurston, and Wayne.

The primary economic activities include farming and cattle and hog feeding. The primary retail area extends from 5 - 11 miles around Wisner.