City School System
School District Number 30 in Cuming, Stanton, and Wayne Counties covers 204 square miles. Wisner-Pilger has a reputation for excellent schools. The following is a list of offered amenities:
  • Internet is available at all schools.
  • A full complement of vocational courses are offered in the high school.
  • Daytime dual credit and advanced placement courses are offered in the high school curriculum.
It is estimated that 99% of the 8th grade students finish high school.

Wisner-Pilger Schools
Educational Service Unit
Wisner participates in Educational Service Unit Number 2, which is head quartered in Fremont and serves 4 counties. Services are available in speech therapy, testing for special education, audio-visual supplements, and resources for all education. 

ESU #2 
Higher Education

For more information about colleges and continued education, please visit the Higher Education page.